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Jahr Buch
2021 Leadership of High-Potential Security Talents,
ISBN: 978-3-99129-261-6, MyMORAWA


Jahr Konferenz
2018 Designing an effective Auditing Method of Automotive
Security for enabling Business Growth,
Young Researchers‘ Day @ IKT-Sicherheitskonferenz
2017 Ensuring the InfoSec Governance of IoT Devices,
ISACA Bar Camp
2017 Source Code Analysis Service (SCAS),
Daimler Global InfoSec Conference
2016 CarIT Security: Facing Information Security Threats,
OWASP German Day
2016 Cryptography provides more than Compliance,
Daimler Global InfoSec Conference
2015 Sichere Kommunikation im Alltag,
Linuxwochen Wien
2014 Communication Hardening,